Written by
Adrian Marshall

BOGOF left
BOGOF title
BOGOF right

Illustrated by
Hilda Philipse

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BOGOF Helps With Deliveries

BOGOF Helps With Deliveries #8

Mr Brown has had a wonderful idea! The Supermarket is starting a Home Delivery Service. Things go very well in the beginning, with BOGOF helping out, but a windy day changes all this. Luckily BOGOF and Mr Blackbird are on hand to save the situation. BOGOF meets lots of new people while on the delivery rounds, and some times gets a lift home.

As you know all cats are very inquisitive, and most of the time this is a good thing. But on one particular occasion it turned out to be a very frightening experience for BOGOF. It all started with a bag of frozen peas, and ended with a very cold, very wet, cat. Read how BOGOF gets out of this one!

Work in Progress